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"We are so happy to have been introduced to Michael & Sheri Banyar of Michael's Wellness Center. They are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do there, and are passionate about helping people, both physically and spiritually. My husband has suffered for many years from chronic degenerative skeletal issues in his lower back. Michael's knowledge in functional assessment and exercise training has helped to locate skeletal and muscular imbalances throughout his body. He formulated a proper routine to help my husband with flexibility and joint range of motion. A few sessions have already created improvement! At our first visit, we knew Michael's methods of stretching and functional training was what could finally help my husband with strengthening targeted muscles and help reduce his overall pain using natural methods. God bless you Michael and Sheri!"
"We I've had an excellent experience at Michael's Wellness Center since joining the boot camp group in December. The trainers are extremely attentive, listen to any concerns I may have, and scale the workouts to meet my personal needs. When the day has been extra taxing Michael is there to provide relief through stretching, inversion therapy, foam rolling, and more. My time at the gym is A++++++"
"Michael is a kind, caring, compassionate person. He makes himself available to you when you need to talk and also when you need an extra boost. He is accessible for discussions regarding your workouts, health, and nutrition. I had extreme lower back pain. Michael asked me some questions and figured out that my IT band was giving me problems. He showed me important pertinent stretches to do regularly. This trainer was more effective in my process of healing than my doctor (who only gave me muscle relaxers and did an x-ray). He is now showing me stretches for a heal spur. Michael's Wellness does more than just provide exercise machines and group training. They really want to see everyone be as healthy as they can be."
I want to take time to say, that I tell everyone I know that you are an amazing, life changing wellness center. The camaraderie of the classes and care given by both of you to each individual member, is just outstanding! I can't say enough great things about your facility.
I will continue to refer all that I know to your center! Thank you, and GOD bless you both!
Kind Regards

One thing that I have noticed obviously is that I have more energy!! I still have a lot more to lose but I know that with the Lord's help and Michaels Wellness Center that I WILL reach my goal. My goal is to be healthy and to accomplish what God has called me to do.
I do have a praise report!! I was on the worship team on Sunday and was able to stand ALL 3 morning services at the Highlands Christian Fellowship without any pain in my back!!! It has been a LONG time since I've been able to do that!!! I attribute it to losing weight and strengthening my back and the Lord being by my side!!
I am looking forward to a healthy and many wonderful years ahead of me!!
Thank You Jesus!!!!!
I injured my knee in a skiing accident. Michael's program focused on my joint range of motion. His programs are personally precise. I highly recommend him!"
"To sum it all up, Michael's training has kicked my butt and it's been amazing!"
I was almost not walking due to severe attacks of fibromyalgia and great fear. Michael enabled me to conquer my fears and get healthy and fit! Thank you Michael!"
I had severe, I repeat SEVERE plantar faciitis in my right foot. After 4+ months of total body functional training, my foot is 100% pain free. I feel great about my 36 pound weight loss but most importantly, I have the ability to move without pain."
After five months of training, I'm now off pain med's, gained 12 pounds of muscle and I lost 18 pounds of fat! Feeling almost completely back to my normal, functional lifestyle. Thank you brother!"
After working with Michael for 6 weeks, there was a considerable strength increase in my son's home run swing. Training with Michael has been a significant part of his success and enabled him to be one of the league's premier power hitters in the 13 year old age group."
The first time I worked out with Michael, I had a hunch that he had something really special to offer. I was practicing yoga and functional flexibility on my own. I had no other fitness routine to really keep me in great shape. Michael made working out fun and challenging, and I really firmed up and developed much better aerobically when he cross trained me on kickboxing. But, the really special part for me was spending time with the awesome Christian man I had prayed that God would bring into my life, and who is now my husband.
Praise God!"
I LOVE IT HERE!!!! Michael and Lisa are wonderful. I dread and look forward to boot camp but it is SO much more than a physical workout, they also encourage you in diet choices to benefit your health and stretch your muscles to help with injuries.
I enjoy everyone I work out with as well. We have lots of fun and they make getting through the hour of specially planned core excercises go fast!
The enviroment is knowledgeable, friendly and caring. You feel special once you walk in the doors.
Thank you!
Michael is a dedicated Trainer...I know, as he was determined that I would be the best....and he never expected anything less than the Best! Michael has a passion for helping people physically, mentally, and spiritually which is evident when you meet him.
I want to thank Michael and Liza my trainers at boot camp. I'm in my 3rd month of boot camp and when I started I had no energy and could hardly walk around the building let alone run. But Monday when Liza had us run around the building I was able to do it!!! Without stopping!!! I ran very slow BUT I did it and I'm so thankful to Michael and Liza. You both are so good at your gift that God has given you. You both challenge and push us but never force us. I have been to a lot of gyms and classes but this boot camp is like none other. I see the difference in my body but best of all I feel great and have so much more energy! God bless you Michael and Liza!!!
I've been going to Michael's Wellness Center for a month. I can't believe the improvement I have had. I am diabetic, and am on an insulin pump, meds, and injections. It's a lot, right? Well, after one month on the food plan plus exercise, I am using 75% less insulin in my pump than I was:) yeah! I really want to not need a pump, and I hope in another month or so that maybe I won't need it any longer! Thank you Michael!!
Michael by far is one of the best in the business he will take care of you! God has blessed him with a wonderful gift, he knows the human body, mind, and soul & what it needs..
G.B. Michael